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 2020 District Convention Schedule Update

 as of  Sunday, April 12th

  (Changes to 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th)

DISTRICT #1: Updated April 12th

Convention rescheduled for Saturday, May 2nd, to commence at 9 am. District will be using FreeTeleconferenceCall, call in number 701-802-5217, access code 737799#.  Per District Commander, only District members will speak during session.

DISTRICT #2: Updated April 12th

Convention scheduled for April 18th to begin at 10 am. Using Teleconferencing.


Convention has been reduced from 3 to 2 day scheduled at Arkansas City post #18 to begin Friday, March 20th with a one-hour DEC meeting to be followed Saturday, March 21st for convention to convene one half day beginning at 9 am.  

DISTRICT #4: Undated April 5th

Convention rescheduled for May 9th at Manhattan post #17 to begin at 9 am and conclude at noon, essential business only.  Attendance limited to District members. Adherence to current health procedures will be maintained. Legion, Auxiliary and SAL will enter building through different entrances and conduct meetings in separate rooms.  

DISTRICT #5:  Updated April 12th .  

The shortened convention is now scheduled for May 2nd to begin at 9 am.  The meeting will be held electronically using Webex, links to be sent to district membership. The agenda will focus on essential business only.

DISTRICT #6: Updated March 23rd

At present, Convention scheduled at Concordia post #76 to be held on Saturday, May 2ndstarting at 9 am with a closing at 12 pm. 

DISTRICT #7: Updated April 12th  

Convention will be conducted Saturday, May 2nd using  FreeTeleconferenceCall.  The session will begin at 9 am to last one hour or longer for District Business only.  No speakers, joint session or memorial service. 

DISTRICT #8: Updated April 12th

Convention now scheduled for May 18th to begin at 9 am.  District will use teleconferencing service ZOOM to conduct essential business.


The pioneering District held their District Convention Electronically on Saturday, April 4thbeginning at 10 am and dismissing at noon, followed by a short District Officer meeting. Essential business was conducted; registration by using FreeTeleconferenceCall service, motions made, seconded, discussed and voting, election of officers for 2020-2021, reading of department office candidate letters, other business and opening and closing.  Excellent program run efficiently by Commander Ray and Adjutant Pat.   


3/22 Governor Kelly will issue Tuesday an executive order limiting the number of persons attending mass gatherings to 10.  Follow this and other developments concerning COVID-19 state announcements on

3/25 The use of electronic means to hold conventions is currently under study.  Information will be distributed when alternate methods of conducting the meetings are determined.

4/4 Email blast sent out by Department answering questions received on and anticipated for conducting District Conventions and Post meetings.

4/7 Governor Kelly issues Executive Order No. 20-18 temporarily prohibiting mass gatherings of more than 10 people to limit the spread of COVID-19 and rescinding Executive Order 20-14, the new order in effect until May 1st or rescinded, whichever is earlier.

4/11 Kansas Supreme Court rejects challenge to Governors Executive Order 20-18 that includes Church gatherings in prohibitions of mass gatherings and upholds original Order.

July 31-Aug 2, 2020 

  • Postponed - Department Convention, Ramada Hotel & Conference Center, Topeka

June 5-7, 2020

  • Canceled - American Legion Leadership College - Concordia 

June 11-14, 2020

  • Canceled - Kansas Legacy Run